A smarter way for managing your vending business

Maximize your sales, minimize downtime, and satisfy your customers with our IoT device and software solution. Take your vending business to the next level - join the revolution of telemetry solutions now!


Complete solution for your self-service machines

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VendLOG device

Unique telemetry(IoT) device that collects data from vending machines and sends it to the secure cloud over a cellular network
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VendLOG cloud

Vending management software providing you with real-time data that the VendLOG device collected from the vending machine
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VendLOG pay

A simple, fast and secure POS device that enables cashless payment. Increase sales and customer satisfaction while reducing your operating costs

Data-driven vending

Simplify your vending business with our smart vending software

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring

Monitor the state of self-service machines even when physically far from them. Instant insights allow you to make informed decisions on the fly, ensuring you're always one step ahead of any challenges


Notifications help you keep us up to date on the latest updates, as well as alerts. They provide a quick and convenient way to stay up-to-date on new features and updates

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API integration

Seamless integration with third-party services or internal systems (CRM, ERP) via API
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Cash collection

All inputs and outputs are tracked with precision and a detailed cash report is sent
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Detailed sales reports

Generate more than ten different reports and export them in the format you want
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User management

Easy user management with options to restrict or show certain data to a specific user
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Machine alerts

Receive various warnings about problems or errors with your vending machines
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Inventory optimization

Review the recommendations related to each self-service appliance to ensure that products that are in high demand are delivered on time


Mobile app to keep track of your machines anytime & anywhere

Easy monitoring of vending machine performance, at your fingertips. Stay informed on the go, receive statuses about your machines, and effortlessly update and restart them

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VendLOG is installed in your vending machine

The device is connected to the vending machine with cables within 5 minutes

Connecting with our software

VendLOG needs to be set up in the system to start collecting data

Collecting data from the machine

When connected, the device immediately starts collecting data in real time

Receive data on dashboard in real-time

All collected data can be viewed and analyzed in the web application

Simplify your business by introducing a cashless payment method.


Simplify your business by introducing a cashless payment method.

Enable contactless payment to meet the needs of your customers and increase revenue. With cashless payment technology, customers can easily make purchases using their debit or credit card, mobile wallet, Apple Pay or Google Wallet

VendLOG device


  • Ultimate access to vending management software
  • Installation & support of our technicians
  • Reports export to PDF and Excel
  • User management with different access roles
  • Remote control of the machine
  • Mobile application for vending machine fillers

POS terminal

Price on request

  • Certified with contactless payment schemes and mobile wallets
  • High security standards to protect sensitive information
  • Easily integrates to a wide variety of vending machines
  • Compact and practical design perfect for self-service machines
  • NFC support and EMV certified

Do you provide additional support?
Email support is available 24/7. Phone lines are open during normal business hours. Installation and training of your service technicians is also a part of our service and our support crew is always ready to answer all your questions and solve your problems
Which protocols are you supporting?
MDB - MDB, MDB Sniffer, EXE - EXE, Parallel impulse, Serial impulse, ccTalk. VendLOG is also replacing the EXE kit for Necta and Bianchi parallel vending machines
Can we customize the system to meet our specific business requirements?
It is possible to adapt the system to your requirements. Feel free to contact our sales team via email
How is VendLOG installed and maintained?
VendLOG is installed easily using plug & play installation method in under 5 minutes

Smarter vending starts with VendLOG. Discover the future of vending today!

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